Viv's Guided Meditations


Here is a collection of guided meditations created in MP3 format for you to buy and download by clicking the link. The long recordings cost £2.50, the short recordings are £1.50

Viv's Body Scan: Where you are guided through 40 minutes of meditation to help you to draw your awareness to each part of the body.   

Short 15 min version of the Body Scan for those unfamiliar with meditation.

Viv's Body scan

Viv's Short Body Scan

Viv's MBSR Mindful Movement: Here you are guided through some gentle yoga stretches. Here you are encouraged to discover your physical edges, that space between comfort and discomfort, not pushing through - just resting there. 

Viv's Mindful Movements 2014 

Viv's MBSR Imagery Meditations (appropriate for beginners): Two meditations to evoke a sense of peace tranquillity and strength. The Lake meditation may evoke a sense of peace, tranquillity and harmony. 

The Mountain meditation may also evoke a sense of peace, tranquillity and harmony, but can also induce a sense of strength and groundedness. 

Viv's Guided Lake Meditation

Viv's Mountain Meditation

Viv's Breathing Spaces - Practice you can do whenever situations become hard for you, and you need to gain some core strength. 

Viv's Breathing Space Coping 1

Viv's 3 minute breathing space a chance to 'reboot' the system throughout the day. 

Viv's MBSR Sitting Meditation: For those with extended meditation experience a 45 minutes sitting meditation. Viv guides you through the various stages of this meditation. The emphasis remains on being with the moment, whatever that may bring, with gentleness and kindness. Buy the 45 mins Sitting Meditation here.A shorter version of this sitting meditation lasts 30 minutes. with the same emphasis of being in the moment. 

Viv's Sitting Practice

Viv's Sitting Meditation

For people new to meditations Viv has a short 15 minute Sitting Meditation: During this audio Viv gently guides you through different focal points of meditation. 

Viv's Short Sitting

Viv's MBSR Mindful Walking: Here you are guided through the gentle steps of a walk, slowly leading you through the movements. Here you are encouraged to discover your physical edge, that space between comfort and discomfort. 

Viv's Mindful Walking 2014

Viv's MBSR Loving Kindness Meditation (not suitable for beginners): In practicing this meditation Viv guides you from an initial kind heart though varying stages of well wishing other and yourself well. This is a deep practice and is not suitable of beginners 

Viv's Loving Kindness v.5

A gentle way to pace your meditation practice without guidance, simply bells at 5 minute intervals 45 minutes silence.

Viv's 45 minutes silence with bells